About SPBA


The Sheboygan Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization which was established in 1968 by officers of the Sheboygan Police Department. The Association was established to promote good public relations with the citizens of this community via sponsoring of activities with our city’s youth through social, athletic, and educational programs.

Our funds are collected from our association members, public donations and fundraisers. Annually, we sponsor a music tribute show and a trash bag sale to assist in raising funds.  These funds are used primarily to provide $7,000.00 in academic scholarships to local high school seniors and over $10,000 to local organizations for the support of our youth.

Our Association Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss donation requests and dissemination of our funds. Our current board members are:

President: Eric Edson, term expires January 2018
Vice President: Matthew Walsh, term expires January 2018
Secretary: Dana Fischer, term expires January 2018
Treasurer: Cameron Stewart, term expires January 2018
Trustees: Jeffrey Mares, term expires January 2019
John Rupnick, term expires January 2019
Kevin Dietz, term expires January 2019
Piotr Gordziej, term expires January 2018
Matthew Braesch, term expires January 2018
Credit Union President: Michael Williams, term expires January 2018